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After 10 years in the Haitian Music Business, THÉLAR Advertising has expanded to become THÉLAR Management Group, LLC in 2012. Based on the belief that the Haitian Arts, Music, Entertainment and Culture can be a very important contribution to the economic development for both South Florida and for Haiti, we strive to offer quality services.  

THÉLAR Management Group, LLC is located in South Florida where the Haitian community is the second  largest immigrant community.  Whether it is a government agency, small business, non-profit organization or large corporation which need to expose their products or services to the Haitian market...we can help you.

Our vision is to provide to our clients top-level professional marketing and advertising services as a catalyst to their increased visibility within the Haitian market.

Our Market
According to US Census Bureau 2011 American Community Survey, Florida had the second largest black population of any state in the United States. 

The almost 2 millions Caribbean-born Black immigrants in the United States represent just over half of all Black immigrants in the country;  Most come from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic. The share of immigrants who are Black varies across Caribbean-origin countries. Aside from the notable exceptions of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, English is spoken in the vast majority of Caribbean countries. The region is now composed of immigrants, domestic newcomers, and native Floridians, whose backgrounds, cultures, and needs are increasingly diverse. 
What our clients say about us

"My experience with THELAR has been different from other companies.... Timingis respected.... Campaign management is on point...."
                            Joel Auguste, Director of Operations, Valerio Canez (Haiti)
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